The Vahlok logo, made by iiFirestorm.

The Vahlok Family was formed in early 2012 and remains the most influential family in EoT history. Originally called "Vahlok's Platoon," a once-official EoT division, it has settled down and become much like any family group. Its members have been and always will be inducted based on bonds of true friendship rather than shows of skill or dedication.

Rooster Edit

Vahlok tree

First generation: Rikke Vahlok, Kroniid Sah Vahlok

Second generation: Krolit Fo Vahlok, Theo Dosius Vahlok, Nicole Vahlok, Peyt Cortell Vahlok (in-law)

Third generation: Argus Vahlok (inactive), Emelia Aurora Vahlok, Serena Hahnu Vahlok, Curtia Roxana Vahlok

Fourth generation: Carnia Vahlok Artanaro, Ziidu Eru Mortificidius Vahlok

Adoptive family: Eraamion Direnni-Vahlok, Alison, Jskarr

History Edit

In early 2012, iiFirestorm formed Vahlok's Platoon. She recruited PDragoneye and Gobin as family members and also began recruiting Crusaders for the Platoon from the ranks of EoT. Marshjaney, Marshnicole, Eraamion, JskarrTheNecromancer, and Theonedude were added in the following months, and following that the family expanded to the point where it required its own group separate from Vahlok's Platoon. The Platoon had numbers between 30 and 40 at one point and emphasized teamwork, becoming the most effective group of defenders at Fort Augustan.

Later into 2012, Vahlok's Platoon was made unofficial because it began to become divisive, and the Platoon was disbanded soon after. But the family, now with every possible group rank filled with a family member, was thriving, and lore was being developed as well as an expanded Vahlok Isles. iiFirestorm, Marshjaney, and PDragoneye collaborated on a story called Ballad of a Vahlok, which reached just over 6000 words. The first chapter of a sequel, called Inheritance of a Vahlok, was written by iiFirestorm, but the project was never finished. The family numbers slowly began to trickle off as some left EoT or ROBLOX all together. After iiFirestorm eventually retired, Theonedude took control of the family for safekeeping, and gave it to Marshnicole to revive it.

Since its reboot, all of the above listed Vahloks have rejoined and several new additions were made: Marshalice, Marshalison, CarniaArtanaro, iiTheCelestialFox, and Ziidu.

Lore Edit

Vahlok lore is currently undergoing a retcon, and as such there is no presently existing family lore. This page will be updated when that changes.