Peyt in her Blades uniform.

Peyt Cortell Vahlok is a member of the Vahlok family. She is a Praefect and a Blade in the Empire of Tamriel. She is married to Nicole Vahlok and has one daughter named Curtia Roxana Vahlok. At present, she is 52 years old.

Backstory Edit

Peyt is a Nord, born and raised in a village in Skyrim that was pillaged by the Stormcloak Syndicate in during the Second War. With her being one of few survivors of the attack, she joined the Imperial Legion to avenge her parents and her missing sister. The Empire beat back the Stormcloaks in another two wars before they submitted, and for distinction in combat she was made part of Vahlok's Platoon by Kroniid and Rikke Vahlok. It was in the ranks of the Platoon that she met their daughter Nicole, and the two fell in love. As per Skyrim tradition, they married quickly, within a month. Krilot's magic allowed Nicole to birth a child, a daughter who they called Curtia Roxana Vahlok.

It was during the Second Great War with the Aldmeri Dominion that Peyt was made a General of the Empire, a position she held until the end of the war and for a few years after before stepping down and retiring at the age of 40. She enjoyed ten years of peaceful living and training at the Vahlok Isles before deciding to re-enlist. Within two years she rose to the rank of Quaestor and was granted a position as a Blade by Grandmaster Casdin.

Meta Edit

Peyt is the character of LowlySilly/shockblast/marshjaney, who joined the Vahlok Family in March 2012.